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Many states and many employers - bars, restaurants, hotels, liquor stores, convenience stores, and more - require anyone who serves or sells alcohol or serves or handles food to take training. Depending on your location and the duties you perform, this is sometimes known as a server permit, server card, bartender license, food handling card, or in some cases simply "training."

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We are an approved online trainer of alcohol servers and food handlers, and also offer Bartender Mixology training to help you become a better bartender. 

If you serve alcohol or handle food as part of your job, or would like to become a bartender or waiter, this is the site for you! Simply click here and select your state. You will be on your way in no time!

Responsible Serving® of Alcohol
In most states, taking this short online course will get you your server permit or bartending license (or other name it is known by in your area). This course will teach you everything you need to know about serving alcohol responsibly, including:
  • How to check for and detect fake IDs
  • How to tell if someone is intoxicated
  • How to refuse or slow service to an intoxicated individual
  • Your legal and professional duties as a server 
and much more.

This course is taken online from your computer, tablet, smartphone or other Internet-connected device,* and will take just a short while to complete. When you've passed all the lesson quizzes and the final exam, you'll be able to print your certificate or request that one be sent to you.* Click here to view your state's requirements and enroll today!

Bartender Mixology
This course is rated at 40 hours, and graduating from this course is comparable to attending a traditional week-long bartending school - but at a fraction of the cost! This course includes dozens of videos, interactive quizzes, slides, flash cards, and tips and tricks. You'll learn how to make all the most popular drink recipes, and learn customer service tips and tricks that will help you get better tips, better shifts, and even help you get a better job as a bartender! Click here to view the details and enroll in the course.

Food Safety For Handlers
If you work as a waiter, waitress, cook, or in any other position which involves handling or preparing food, you are on the front lines of the fight against foodborne illness, disease, and contamination. Taking this course will give you all the information you need to know to safely handle and prepare food, including:

  • Safe food handling techniques and procedures
  • Foodborne illnesses and how they are spread
  • Necessary skills to prevent contamination
and much more.

The certification you'll get from taking this course can be used to satisfy some state requirements (if applicable) and may help you get a job, as many employers want their employees to be trained and certified in safe food handling techniques. Click here to enroll!

To view all the training courses we offer, visit our main homepage,! 

*Most platforms and devices supported. Call for details about specific device support. Some states have additional requirements. Click here to view the requirements in your state.